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Strands Hints & Answers Today July 16th, 2024
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 16th, 2024
Greetings and thank you for stopping by the NYT Strands daily puzzle guide! "Were you raised in a barn?" is, as the New York Times puts it, the question ...
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 15th, 2024
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 15th, 2024
Hi everyone, and welcome to the next puzzle instruction for NYT Strands! The New York Times reports that today's theme is "Give it the ol' college try."
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 14th, 2024
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 14th, 2024
Greetings and welcome to the current NYT Strand's puzzle tutorial! It was stated by the New York Times that the topic for today is "Say My Name".
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 13th, 2024
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 13th, 2024
Salutations and welcome to the explanation of today's NYT Strand puzzle! The New York Times reports that "Hello Kitty" is today's theme. This cute ...
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 12th, 2024
Strands Hints & Answers Today July 12th, 2024
Hi there, and thank you for visiting the NYT Strands puzzle guide for today! The subject for today is "Auto Suggestion," per the New York Times.


Plusword is a popular online word game that draws inspiration from the renowned game, Wordle. This daily puzzle game challenges players to guess a five-letter mystery word using a limited number of attempts. The gameplay involves entering words into a grid of five squares, each representing a letter in the mystery word. Players receive feedback on the accuracy of their guesses through color-coded squares, making it a fun and engaging test of vocabulary and deduction skills.


Plusword offers a variety of features that keep players entertained and engaged. The game provides a simple yet addictive daily challenge, with a new mystery word to guess each day. Players have six attempts to guess the correct word, making each guess crucial. The color-coded feedback system helps players refine their guesses and strategy:

  • Green squares show that the letter in the mystery word is in the right place.
  • The letter is present in the word but is shown in a different position by yellow squares.
  • Red squares indicate that a letter is completely absent from the mystery word.

This intuitive feedback system helps players learn from each guess and improves their chances of solving the puzzle. The game also features a clean, user-friendly interface, making it easy to pick up and play for word game enthusiasts of all ages.

How to play Plusword

The rules of Plusword are straightforward, making it accessible to new players while still providing a challenge for seasoned word game fans. Players start with a blank grid of five squares and have six guesses to determine the mystery word. Here's how it works:

  1. Enter a word with five letters: Enter a word into the grid to start. One of the five spaces will be occupied by each letter.
  2. Get input: The game will illuminate the squares in various colors after you enter a word, depending on how accurate your guess was.
    • Green: The letter is positioned correctly.
    • Yellow: The letter is in the word, but it's in a different place.
    • Red: The word does not contain the letter.
  3. Refine your guesses: Use the feedback to make educated guesses in subsequent attempts. The goal is to use the clues provided by the color-coded squares to narrow down the possible words.
  4. Solve the puzzle: Continue guessing until you either correctly identify the mystery word or use up all six attempts.

The combination of limited guesses and color-coded feedback makes Plusword a compelling and rewarding word game that encourages logical thinking and vocabulary skills.

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